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Ashima Keshava


Tel.: +49 541 969-3901
Room 50/204

Institute of Cognitive Science,
Wachsbleiche 27,
49090 Osnabrück, Germany



Peter König

Studying human behavior in naturalistic environments

I am interested in studying goal-oriented human oculomotor behavior in naturalistic environments. I work with fully mobile experimental setups in virtual reality. Broadly, I am interested in Enactive and Embodied accounts of Cognition and how our environment affords the possibility of (inter)action within it.


Decoding Task From Oculomotor Behavior In Virtual Reality (2020)
A Keshava, A Aumeistere, K Izdebski, P Konig
ACM Symposium on Eye Tracking Research and Applications, 1-5

Embodied Spatial Knowledge Acquisition in Immersive Virtual Reality: Comparison of Direct Experience and Map Exploration
SU König, A Keshava, V Clay, K Ritterhofer, N Kuske, P König
bioRxiv, 2020

Interindividual differences among native right-to-left readers and native left-to-right readers during free viewing task (2018)
Z Afsari, A Keshava, JP Ossandón, P König
Visual Cognition 26 (6), 430-441

Audiovisual integration is affected by performing a task jointly.
B Wahn, A Keshava, S Sinnett, A Kingstone, P König
CogSci 2017

Proceedings of the 39th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society
B Wahn, A Keshava, S Sinnett, A Kingstone, P König



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